Friday, 24 May 2013

Teething problems?

Okaasan has tooth problems again?
Refused to go to day care yesterday, didn't eat much again...complaining about hurting tooth or gums.

May explain why she was so bad tempered at the tasteless-soup dinner the other night.
But I shan't accept THAT excuse, cos I am a heartless woman....

Hmm...we may have to book the dentist for a trip again.
And yes, it may explain the strange talk about Ear, Nose, Throat doctor recently....she was trying to verbalise a pain in her mouth....

Friday - I so need a weekend :-)
And tonight we are heading to try OUR teeth out on Tony Roma's famous rack of's just opened a branch in Sapporo and I am going to eat every rib they have in the kitchen.

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