Saturday, 8 June 2013

I'm losing my memory, aren't I?

After the Dentist Double Date (me and Okaasan, not me and the dentist...nice married man...and not my type...)....anyway...

After the dentist Dear Son came to the dental office and took Okaasan to the subway station in his bike taxi.

Two hours later at home she couldn't remember that at all.
"I met him? He took me in the taxi?"
"I'm really losing my memory aren't I? What should I do? Should I take medicine or something?"

We made all the reassuring, but honest comments: yes, you are - but it's ok because we know and we check things for you. You remember long ago things ok, but just now things are gone, it's a normal aging thing, you'll be ok, it's not so bad....etc etc

And really that is all we CAN do in this situation.
Okaasan and her anti-hospital feelings would never get into testing and treatments for dementia, never. 4 trips to the dentist in the coming weeks is her limit.
But those moments when the dementia sufferer is aware and needs reassurance.....sad really.

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