Thursday, 4 July 2013

A MODEL son.....and a model.....

He remembered - took Okaasan to the dentist. Mass apologies all round.
Son duty done.

And then....meanwhile...100 km north of that...more interesting......

Oyomesan cast off her domestic shackles and became a model - for a day.

A friend whose daughter does model work introduced me to a local model agency who were looking for a middle aged woman to play MOTHER of the bride in a brochure photo shoot for a Hokkaido wedding company.
Mother of the bride. I am officially middle aged. Despite wearing shorts and Tshirts and no make up (ever)...I am now publically typecast as a Middle Aged Woman.
It's everyone's dream, right? We all secretly prance around our bedrooms, hand on hip and do a twirl. Hope to get spotted for our true beauty in the supermarket?
This was my chance. Night before I shaved my legs, shaved my moustance, attended to the nose hair and fretted over the cat scratches and bruises. Ready for my close up.
Took the train north with a fellow teacher/part-time model who was my husband for the day and we arrived at a European castle style wedding complex in Asahikawa.
Met our "daughter" - a sweet faced 17 year old professional model from the Czech Republic (who WAS scouted in a supermarket whileout with her mum!) and the son of another local teacher who doesn't talk much at his Sapporo high school about his model gigs. Modeling for a young guy isn't cool.
After lunch with the camera crew, dresser, make up guy, lighting guy and casting director The Family were ready for performance time.
Enjoy....(we did!)



  1. wow you look fabulous! It looks like a lot of fun. Glad you had a good time. ;o)

  2. You are looking realy beautiful!!

  3. You look lovely.....
    middleage is good.
    I'm finally feeling comfortable with myself at 56....Anna

  4. Great pics! looks like a lot of fun. Can you give up your day job now?

  5. Thankyou all - don't think I'll be giving up the Day Job....but 'know...if they call, I may have to weigh up the pros and cons.....

  6. You look absolutely amazing and it looks like such a fun day! I remember back at uni in Kyoto we got asked to work at a wedding catwalk show - we were dressed in old corsett and big skirt dresses and pain 10,000 yen to hand out sweets for twnety minutes. We then got to escort the huge bottles of champane home and get completely shit faced. Was a great time :)