Sunday, 14 July 2013

How does this place work?

Family trip to the revolving sushi restaurant last night.

After we sat down in our box seating the chef welcomed us and said: "Place your order with us, just tell us what you'd like".

It's the routine of a sushi restaurant.

It flummoxed Okaasan.

"Eh? this food here (pointing at the plates going round) is for other people? Can I take from here? This is other people's orders? That's right, isn't it? This is ordered food?"

We were flummoxed too. She's been to revolving sushi many times. She knows the system. It was very odd. How she put together the words spoken with the thing happening in front of her eyes.

After that we settled down to pig out. Okaasan grabbing plates she liked the look of. Grabbing plates she heard us talking about....and then HORRORS!trying to put one plate back on the revolving belt.

Nooooooooooooooooooo! Major rudeness in a sushi bar. Don't take a plate, peer at it, and put it back.


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