Saturday, 21 September 2013

Breathing gently.

Thankyou for all comments here.
I have calmed down a bit now.

I never knew there was a Home Doctor service in Japan - so that is useful info. We may have to do that. But also, the fact that Dear SON got her to the mental clinic AND that she seemed to think that was for her actually a positive thing.
He CAN get her up and out of the house with enough love and bullying, and I feel if I can get HIM to man up to the situation - then.....

One more thing. I've just looked at this blog and realized - with shock - that it is FIVE weeks now since Okaasan first talked about this leg pain. 
More than a month.
That night the station staff called and she came home by taxi, and we had to carry her into the house on the garden chair.
There was a week when it seemed to get slightly better and she was able to walk down to local shops, and we brought her back.

But 5 weeks.
I thought it was 3.

We've cancelled plans for meeting up and going to a beer garden tonight. He is coming home early and we are going to try and get her walking outside the house a little.
And I am going to try and bring about common sense in this ridiculous family.

5 weeks :-(
I think her knee looks swollen.
Something is not right.

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