Monday, 2 September 2013

Hobbling onwards

Slight improvement on the legs.
We took Okaasan out in the car yesterday to a local noodles restaurant.
She could get dressed fairly ok, and get down the steps outside the front door unaided, and hobble to the car - grasping anything that came to hand like bicycles, the fence, the wall...

Same at the restaurant - with reassuring hand spots she could get along.

Still NOT safe enough to go off walking alone, but better than last week.

Which of course, she doesn't remember. That is the scary thing - she doesn't have a sense that she should take it easy. We worry she will try to set out for a walk alone (while we are at work).
Hopefully today will be rainy and she won't try. And tomorrow is another day center day - and we'll try to get her enthusiastic about that.

So, maybe for now - this legs crisis has passed. But will certainly come back. 
The strongest point about Okaasan and her health is that she walks and likes walking, so this week of pain and inability was a wake-up call to the risk that this situation can change. And then managing her gets much harder.

Meanwhile: a cheerful story.
On one of OUR morning walks recently we found an example of super sunflower power - a plant that grew from a seed that fell at the bottom of an electricity pole.
And grew.
And grew.
The people living in the street helped support it with cord. And now it is in all its glory.


  1. It is unfortunate that she is so determined not to see a Dr. She could have some pain medication and be more comfortable as well as mobile.

    You are so kind to her.

  2. Wow, that is one determined sunflower!