Saturday, 5 October 2013

All happy again?

A good week - finally - for Okaasan.
And us.

She went to day care twice (the second time the staff came early to help get her ready, so she wouldn't shout at me!!), and she set out alone late afternoon to walk round the neighborhood.

I brought her back by car twice, and the third time two young women helped Okaasan home.
Her walking is a lot better, but of course she isn't judging how far is too far - so ends up 1 km away and then has no energy to come back.
Mentally she is much better too - much brighter and generally connecting to things around her. Chatting to her son about things, commenting on the food. Makes us realize that she hasn't been "normal" for weeks and weeks.
We are beginning to think again about all the Okaasan necessities that came to an abrupt halt on August 27th: hair cut, dentist, buying a winter coat.

The whole rigmarole with Okaasan exhausted us both. Even earlier this week, we were still tired and stressed. I fell apart in my Japanese lesson and cried....he was gnashing his teeth and talking in his sleep.


I went and tried the mysterious seitai treatment for myself!
My old leg spasms have been coming back recently - I haven't been to acupuncture for about a month...hoping that the pains had eased. This week coming back....yesterday morning I had more than 10 minutes of cramping/spasms.
Dear Son urged me to give seitai a go. Open your mind (and wallet) to the possibility that it might help. 

So I called up the woman that Okaasan went to last Sunday and took myself along to the old house just off the shopping street, where a young mum has a treatment toys and wall painting surround a bed for Japanese style osteopathy/massage/whole body treatment/chiropractic.

Pretty odd, to be honest.
Not sure whether to believe in it, or wonder at my sanity. 
Waiting to see how my body feels in the next few days.

It was a mixture of very gentle massage/joint manipulation, then laying on of hands a la Jesus-style, LOTS of sympathetic listening while I moaned about life-as-an-Oyomesan....and some very mysterious circular hand motions in the air above my liver...all to do something about my life force ki and body balance/flows.

Pretty alternative.

I imagined Okaasan here in the same room, on the same bed - probably moaning about life-with-that-British-Oyomesan.....

So. Waiting to see if THAT helped any.
Crystals are next. Then leeches. And a friend who does hypnosis has me in her sights.


  1. Crack me up. Do hope you find relief though.

  2. sounds worth it if it means you get a massage and a groan to a stranger :) I drink far too much so waving hands above my liver would be the least of what needs going on there but otherwise, I'd love to give it a go. Glad to hear okaasan is getting to the daycare twice a week and that your neighborhood has nice people willing to walk her home :)