Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Shouting...and apology.

Okaasan shouted at me again.
I shouted at her...again.
And then, she a very round about way.

Tuesday morning day care were coming at 9 am.
I told Okaasan this at 8.30 am....she nodded and continued looking at the TV...
10 minutes later I told her again.
She turned round, wagged her finger at me and shouted something.
Of course I flared up too and shouted back at her.
Closed the door and went back into the kitchen, shouting at her...

Not a fine moment.
Thought later: must learn to control these shouting responses. She can't help it, the frustration comes out and is directed at me sometimes. I need to get her thinking positively about me so she is easier to manage this winter.

Anyway, she went off to day care seemingly happily and with little leg pain. Vast improvement on recent weeks.

Come evening: she is back again, eats dinner with Dear Son. I am working and get home late.
Dear Son looks at the day center daily report paper: my name is in it! Okaasan told the staff that her Oyomesan had told her to hurry up to get ready in the morning and that she'd told me to "Shut up!", but after that she felt sorry and wanted to apologise to me!

Apologise to me!!!! Yes!!!

What is interesting about this is that:

a) she remembered the shouting
b) remembered what it was about
c) trusts the center staff enough to tell them about it
d) wanted to express remorse

I am particularly happy about c) in fact. It means she likes and feels safe with the staff, that she will tell them something that is in her heart. It's a good sign.

And of course, a little apology to Oyomesan is a good thing too.


  1. I'm glad this had a positive outcome. BTW I was in Sapporo last week visiting with my home stay family. My sister and I checked out the Autumn Festival in Odoori Park. I saw a velo taxi and thought maybe it was your partner driving but it was someone-else. Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and the Autumn foods. All the best to you all. TK

  2. THAT would have freaked him out! To be approached by a stranger "are you Dear Son in Okaasan and Me blog?"!!! He does know I write this blog, but would be gobsmacked to be recognised :-) I was approached on the subway last year by a reader, but actually she also knows me viaa mutual friend's it's almost a real life connection.