Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hisashiburi dinner a deux

Hisashiburi - a word in Japanese that means Long time no see/after a while/long time.

One of those cases where the Japanese is more convenient than the English - because it's usually said with a warm gush of excitement at meeting someone: "HiSAshiburi NEH!!!!". Catchier than the English: "Long time no see!".

Last night: Okaasan and Me Hisashiburi dinner together. Because Dear Son is at a ski association meeting. In Tokyo.

I had some afternoon cancel classes, so I had managed to get home mid-afternoon to prep dinner and remind Okaasan to go walking before dark. I got home at 6.15 pm, she got home at 6.30 pm and by 7 pm we were settling down at the kitchen table for dinner.
I didn't mention Dear Son, and waited to see if she would ask about him or mention him.

We ate and I chatted and she responded - food - weather - food - New Year food - modern Japanese people eating too much  meat - should only eat what is grown in Japan (Okaasan happily unaware of TPP and the coming invasion of cheap foreign foods)

I mentioned "Yuki (snow) next week"..

"He's coming back next week is he?" (Dear Son is called YUjiro. YUki/YUjiro - same sound).

"Yes, next week...."

And I didn't say anymore. She didn't either. Just accepted his absence happily.

Great. All down to me as a super amazing Oyomesan - have made a nice little safe routine of life for this old lady, so she doesn't feel panicked by her son's absence.
I am great :-)

My powers of greatness will be tested in the next few hours though.
Before Trip to Tokyo and Paul McCartney concert can happen I have to:
Catch Two Cats and Put Them in These Carry Boxes and Transport Them to the Vets Pet Hotel Torture Cages.
I have a narration job at 1.30 pm and a hair appointment at 5 pm. And the vets closes at 7 pm.
So the cat catching has to happen this morning.


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