Saturday, 16 November 2013

Trying to get out.

There they are - my poor little fur balls - all scared and shocked that they've been torn from their comfort zones and forced into cages....
I cried at the vets :-( and felt stressed all day.

Trying to "get away" is a hassle, isn't it? All the stuff that needs doing. I haven't even packed clothes yet, or thought about what I'm going to do in Tokyo...

The morning stress with the cats hung with me for a few hours, and I found myself crazily cleaning bits of the kitchen counter and inside the fridge because the day service woman will be here looking at the mess I call a food preparation area. I actually felt embarrassed that a woman I don't know will be here looking at it all. So I cleaned it.
Also had to plant spring bulbs in the garden. Last week we had a snowfall and ice - but today was thankfully a return to autumn and I HAD to get out there and do that.
Then I had to set up the classroom for the Couch Surfers who will stay there in my absence as they are coming to Sapporo for the Arashi pop group concerts. I have met one of them before - it's not like I am giving the keys of my classroom to total strangers.
But - you know what? I found myself guiltily cleaning the kitchen in the classroom too!


(I held off cleaning Okaasan's room - the day care woman can see the state she lives in.)

And then an afternoon narration job, which should have been last week, but the whole thing slipped into Saturday and I was in a studio trying to sound excited and authoritative about Sapporo hosting the 2017 Winter Asian Games. Kept wondering if the director and customer could smell kitchen cleaner on my hands...

Mid-afternoon I grabbed myself a walk in the park for some sunshine.

Okaasan went out for a walk, but came home quickly saying her foot hurt....oh no....NOT again...but she was actually pointing at the sole of her foot. So it wasn't the leg and hips. She seemed fine later on in the house....I don't think it's an emergency - but we should tell the day care person to check.

And prepping for next week: I teach and have another narration job straight from the airport. I've officially started working-like-a-Japanese.

Late afternoon hair appointment. Made my stylist SO jealous about the concert.

And home to cook dinner and hear Okaasan tell me several times about wartime food and the police stealing food packages. I know what my winter will be : many many nights like this with this story!!!
I mentioned that Dear Son was probably drinking a lot tonight at the ski association meeting he was at....and she agreed that ski instructors are drunken bums....although not in those words, of course.

And so early tomorrow: escape.

My house seems so quiet without the cats. I keep looking around, and all is silent. Last night Chichi was here torturing a ball of paper in a dry cleaning bag...and now the bag is silent.

My fur balls are 500 meters from here in a cage.

Paul McCartney Mr. Multi-Millionaire with a Hair Piece and  Young Wife had better be good.


  1. We saw Paul MacCartney on Friday in Fukuoka. Incredible concert! Amazing musician and performer! Hope you have a fantastic time.

  2. God, the thought of leaving my cats takes the wind out of any vacation sails I manage to hoist every time.