Friday, 21 March 2014

On duty

Back on duty for a few days...a week...10 days...whatever.
Such is ski instructor work. They never know how long it'll be.

So he left this morning for at least 3 days work away.
I'm home nursing a head cold AND a damaged thumb. The cold almost left me voiceless mid-week, I had to start cancelling classes cos I couldn't actually talk anymore.
And the thumb ligaments have started healing - but I can't open screw caps, small paper or plastic packets....switch on the car with my right hand etc.

But now is a 3 day weekend in Japan. First day of spring. But not here: 10 cm of snow fell today.
I managed to clear a bit, but was careful with the thumb.

A weekend to stay home and watch TV and doze. Catch up on home stuff.

Okaasan, bless her, showed lots of sympathy about my cold. She noticed my voice was strange and sent me to bed as soon as I'd finished eating!!!!! I didn't have to sit there and make conversation at all tonight.

I think this coldy voice will continue all weekend....

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