Tuesday, 4 March 2014

This blog is...just about alive!

It's fluttering its wings and waving feebly....

Still here.
Just nothing much to blog about.
Because HE has been home and is doing all the household duties. A wonderful man...even if he does go off and work for weeks on end.
But this year the ski work has hit a dry patch. Or an ice patch. Or whatever image works for that idea. No work.
He's been home for a month now.

Great for me (no shopping, cooking, cleaning, chatting - and got a man to share life with).
Great for Okaasan (lots and lots of chat at meal times).
Great for the cats (all day heating and TV and a feeder-on-miaow).

Not so great for him.

So. Not much blogging.

Okaasaan's been fine.
There was one more toilet accident...but I let my house husband deal with it. He was standing outside the toilet door and gently persuaded Okaasan to come out and handover the soiled clothes and go and have a shower etc 
MUCH better that such an embarrassing topic is dealt with by a family member. That's what I said.....but I did learn the correct Japanese to say to her the next time it happens and it is me outside the toilet door :-)

Okaasan has a slight cold at the moment. Got the sniffles, but went to day care and ate dinner. Seems ok.

All pretty boring. This blog is also a kind of diary for me - so that's why I am just catching up on it.
At the moment we are on the once or twice a week toilet-accident stage. So that's why I write.

I've also been busy with starting promotion work on the documentary film "HAFU", which will have two showings in Sapporo in April. So busy making tickets, making flyers, starting to get the word out etc.
I booked a room that can sit 60 people, but I think with the small screen less is better. I wasn't brave enough to book a big 90-people auditorium. Maybe I should have.

If you haven't seen it - check it out! There are showings around the world now at different film festivals, universities etc. Great film about how Japan is changing as the population of Japanese with mixed-heritage increases year by year.

I first heard about the film via a friend in Tokyo. He knows the directors and they were looking for seed money for the project. I donated a bit.
Then I finally got to see the film last year at a university in Sapporo. I tried to get a local art house theater interested in showing it for a wider audience...but they didn't pick up the idea.

So I am doing a community screening myself.

Here is the link to the film's website - you too can organise a community screening!


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