Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Evil enjoyment

Thankyou oh god of evil Oyomesans!
Just when I needed it.
A good, little evil laugh.

DS released Okaasan downtown yesterday afternoon.
Later he got a phone call on her cell phone....from the city center police station...

Sir, we have your mother here. She seems very confused and says she doesn't have enough money to get the subway home. She is asking us for money.
????????????? She has a prepaid subway card in her handbag! She went downtown 2 hours ago with that card. Look in her bag. She always has the card.


10 minutes...

Sir, sorry to bother you, yes you are right. We've showed your mother the card and sent her to the subway station....


Need a LOT more of those kind of make day center seem a good idea.

I am just bad.

In the aftermath of yesterday, calls to and from the day center manager etc. Will have see what happens. I'm not hopeful.

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  1. This post made me smile.... I hope you get to keep her in day care.