Monday, 12 May 2014

A hobby is born :-)

Dementia books are always saying it: Carers should make sure they have an interest that has nothing to do with the caring. A way to remember who you are and to take a break from responsibility.
Probably very hard when you are, by necessity, limited in how much you can get away from home because you physically have to be near at all times.

We haven't got there yet - so....

I'm getting into kayaking. The old kayak I bought off someone last year...I got a car rack...I got Tie Down straps...I got a whole slew of info off the Internet. And ventured, nervously, into kayak owning.

And another blog was born...cos you know how much I like to do stuff and then rush to the computer and write about it. :-9

Hokkaido Kayaking...a beginner's tale


  1. Have fun on the water. I think you will find water sports relaxing. You definitely need a break from Okaasan!

  2. Wow! I want to get kayaks, or a canoe for the river behind our house!