Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hair salon time.

Okaasan been brushing off suggestions about getting a hair cut for weeks now. Too cold for a cut.

Yesterday, she finally agreed.

"But I don't want to go to that place downtown. They have men stylists, it's ok, but it's not so relaxing to talk to them. I want to change - THIS place is new, it's near here! I will get good service because they are a new business! I want to go here!"

We went round that topic a few times. Me saying - but you've been to the downtown salon for 2 years now, apparently happily. The male stylist was just last time, usually it's the middle aged woman manager etc Why change? 
And Okaasan adamant that the new salon advertise on a flyer in the newspaper was better.

It's hard to talk about things like this with her. She becomes VERY fixed in her opinion, and gets more and more excited as she talks.
So, I just agreed.

Then there was a whole thing of would Okaasan actually go on her own. Would I go with her? Would they be open on a public holiday? Would they want customers? Wouldn't the staff prefer to be with their family? etc etc (My logical answer was: If the salon is open on a holiday they expect/hope for customers - but she didn't think so).
I actually gave her the money for the hair cut, then took it back when she appeared to be chickening out of going.

Later I called the new salon myself and made an appointment for yesterday morning.

Getting Okaasan all ready to go. Still in pajamas 10 mins before announced departure time. Suddenly deciding she wanted to drink a coffee, so taking the coffee cup along with her in the car...sloshing, sloshing, sloshing as I attempted to drive quickly but smoothly for the 10 am appointment.

All the old hassles.
And then - I had given her enough money for the salon and dropped her off outside with reminders to "go home on your own, won't you!".....two hours later Okaasan is calling me to be picked up, and then as I rush off to a Japanese class I can see her hovering in the streets near the salon.....still confused about what to do.
She actually took the subway downtown and walked all over! One strong lady, for sure.

Hard though to balance her determination to be independent with her sudden needs for information and instruction.

The new hair salon was ANOTHER male stylist. But Okaasan seemed happy with the result and experience. Maybe.
Maybe in 6 weeks time she won't be, an I'll try to tempt her back to the downtown salon...or yet another salon.

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