Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Another year...another BBQ

BBQ day again in our house - from early morning the kitchen, entrance hall and front door area full of boxes, food, alcohol and people.

Okaasan hates it.
In past years she has sat out in neighborhood parks or restaurants to avoid coming home, exited thru windows and generally got angry with us and the guests for staying too long and making too much mess.

This year was better: because it was a rainy/wind storm and the BBQ itself was 20 m away from the house under the subway line bridges.
So actually Okaasan hardly noticed there WAS a BBQ until much later on.
I gave her lunch, I sent her out walking (before the rain), and I picked her up at the subway station. Gave her dinner.

But by evening, when the storm had driven us inside and upstairs to our living room with about 10 guests...Okaasan was getting testy.
"Why are they still here? Why is there all this mess in the kitchen? My husband had parties at my home, but they were a set time - then all the young women helped clean up and they went home. That is polite. Why are they all still here??"

Different generation. Different party styles.

It adds a whole pressure to a day...which is already full of pressure. And this year I have raging toothache and am on painkillers (maybe the long airplane flights from Brazil and cabin pressure?)...so I wasn't even helped with alcohol.

But...by 9 pm the last guest had gone and peace resumed.

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