Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Back on top of life again?
Okaasan is walking to the toilet...most of the time and getting to the kitchen table for food. Getting to the bathroom to brush her teeth/wash face...
Even got outside onto the terrace to fetch in the laundry that the thoughtless foreigner had left out beyond the wishing hour of 4 pm when all laundry turns into evening dew.

She is fairly lively again. And of course doesn't remember being bad the past week at all.
But she hasn't tried to go out of the house for a walk: so maybe at some level she is being cautious.

I still have to get in and do a major cleaning on the carpet and the heated table cover. Her room smells foul.

Tomorrow is the Glenn Miller Band concert. She's been twice already and loved it. Happy to go on her own. I bought the ticket ages ago and have given Okaasan the flyer to put on her table (gave her a photocopy of the ticket and kept the original safely out of reach).
Can she go tomorrow?
Walk from the car to the concert hall seat? And out again?
I went to the concert hall 2 days ago to check if they have wheelchairs to borrow and whether I can wheel her in and out, but not have a ticket for the concert. Once inside Okaasan will be happy. She likes going to concerts alone.

We'll see if she can get there.
She also needs a bath and hair wash before sitting in a public place next to strangers....

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