Friday, 26 September 2014

Signs of recovery?

Well, maybe.
With a lot of vocal prodding she managed to move her body across the carpet so that her back was against the sofa and she was facing the TV. She spent most of yesterday sitting upright - seemingly a little brighter.
But she was wearing the diapers all day.
Ate a little food.
He thinks she is moving her arms and legs better. I'm not sure of that. But I agree she seems more engaged with us and the TV.

This morning again at 6 am, we rose from our beds and went to check on her.
During the night she'd taken OFF the dirty diaper and left it in a pile of newspapers on the carpet.
Even doing that must have taken some thought and physical effort - which she certainly didn't have in the past 72 hours.
She was reluctant and angry about me putting on a fresh diaper - but we pleaded with her that it was to save the carpet and her clothes from the inevitable pee.

Except I confused the delicate topic by constantly mixing up the word "oshi-ko/pee" for "oshinko/pickles" I was telling her that there were a lot of pickles on the carpet and it was hard for us to clean up!!!

At breakfast time she was trying to stand again. This time she got up one one knee by the sofa. There is NO keeping this generation of Japanese people down...when they have the will to achieve. Really, these people who survived the war - little, survivalists one and all.
He was trying to encourage her to leave it a little longer to build up strength. She was telling him: "it's rheumatism, it'll get better, I didn't fall. Look I have no injury!"

We decided that he should go to work today - he needs a mental break. I have less work today, so I can go home between classes and check on her condition. And so it goes.

Tomorrow we have beer festival plans with a friend - we'll probably do it in shifts - so one of can be here to make sure Okaasan is safe. In a way, when she starts trying to get up and walk is more dangerous than when she is prone on the carpet moaning.

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