Thursday, 2 October 2014

Concert No Go.

And that would be a "No".
No to the concert. No to going outside.
Oh well, I guess it was too much to hope that she would make such a complete recovery after a bad week.
She is ok at home - gets up off the carpet to go to the toilet most of the time (I hope!), and gets to the kitchen table for mealtimes. Had a bath and hair wash with DS's supervision.

But get dressed and go outside?
A step too far.
Luckily she told me this in the morning and I managed to sell the ticket to a student - had to go down to the concert hall and hand it over etc.

If I can get home from work this afternoon between classes I must try and get Okaasan to put on some clothes and come outside for a short walk.
She has been inside, sitting/laying down in front of the TV for 9 days can't be good.
She says she is exercising - but from what we see that means waving her arm or hand in the air a bit. The leg muscles aren't getting much use.

So, better than before - but not back on track yet.

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