Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Extra in a TV commercial...

Nothing at all to do with Okaasan and Me.

But earlier this month I had a one day job as an extra in a TV commercial. It was all very hush hush as to what and who. 
I could only say that I went to Hakodate, dressed up as an old lady and walked down a street with my "husband". There was an accordion player, a man with a bike...and a sheep. 

Now all can be revealed, because the CM is on air now. On TV and on the company website, company Youtube channel.

Can you see me????? (hint:blue beret and boots)

Look at the 3 videos for "As Time Goes By" on this fact in the commercials themselves you can hardly see me...but in the Making Of video...behind Takahiro, the pop star...that's me :-)

Aoyama Prestige Suits - As Time Goes By CM

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