Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The winter plan...

The plan is: every Wednesday  late afternoon a day care person will come to the house, help Okaasan get ready for going out, take her by taxi to the local big supermarket, walk around it with her for exercise and chat, come home by taxi, cook/heat up food for her dinner and leave her to eat it.
I will be out working. DS will be away ski teaching.

That's the plan.

The day care manager, Dear Son and maybe Okaasan...have agreed to that.

I was out at work. But I agree to that.

It'll start next week. And we'll see if that is a good idea. Exercise/chat/someone apart from me to stimulate Okaasan's body and brain in the long winter months.

DS says Okaasan was a bit negative about it all - of course didn't think she needed outside help etc. But the carrot of "going to the supermarket for a walk" seemed to work.

Crossed fingers.

One side point: she is happy to go to Supermarket A...but not Supermarket B, because "the staff are bullies"......first we've heard of her having a negative about that supermarket. We wonder what happened to her there, or what she thinks happened to her there.... need to see this cat picture...current cat craze sweeping Japan....Neko Montage....give your cat cartoon eyes:-)
Have you got a cat handy now? Pick up a pen and a bit of paper - give it a go!

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  1. Going the the grocery store sounds like a great idea. I know in the US, people go to the malls in the winter to get their steps in. I hope that she likes the caregiver OK. Also I was reading on-line about the importance of Vitamin D for the elderly. Do you think that she would sit in your garden and soak in the sun for 30 min at at time? Just thinking she might enjoy it (I wonder if Nishi-sensei says anything about vitamin D (I know that Japanese women in general avoid the sun…) Nancy in Tokyo.