Saturday, 6 December 2014

Planning for two

Me and Okaasan.
What will WE be doing this weekend?

Under our new regime: take Okaasan out for a walk/don't let her go out alone.
This is what DS really wants because he is worried about her ability to walk safely alone. Worried, but not worried enough to be here...
Wednesdays the day care helper comes to take Okaasan out. Weekends are my duty time.

Makes planning a weekend a bit harder.

I used to be able to plan my own weekend and factor in:

* Bath time for Okaasan 
* Lunch and Dinner for Okaasan
* Send her out to go walking in daylight
* Maybe pick her up from somewhere
* Clean her room while she is out.

Now it is different. I need to GO with her somewhere to take her for a walk safely.

This weekend, in my life I have:

Saturday, 5.30 pm onwards dinner plans with a friend downtown
Sunday, all afternoon - Japanese language test at a local college campus.

Would also like to try and do some Christmas card/present shopping.

So - how will I fit Okaasan into this equation?

Tomorrow will be hard - the Japanese test will take up from midday to late afternoon. I'll be knackered after that.

So, I'd better take her out today - but early enough that I can rest up a little at home myself before going to meet my friend at 5 .30 pm.
Walk outside and then back here for lunch? That means I'll have to dredge up enough bright conversation for about two hours of interaction.
Walk AND lunch in the same place? Could get away with an hour or so of bright chat...


Walk and lunch seems a good idea.
Sunny now, huge snowfall forecast for later today. Better get her out this morning.

Planning for two.......

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