Sunday, 7 December 2014

Walking 二人で

The Saturday helper did her duty by Okaasan.

Trip out in the car to the local shopping mall - walk round the supermarket, walk round the home care center, lunch of noodles and chat, home again. All done in 2 hours 30 mins.

That's Okaasan's outside exercise until next Wednesday.
Unless God throws in a few more hours into my usual available 24 quota.

Wasn't so bad. She enjoyed it. I went with the flow.

Got her ready to go out with advice about suitable clothing and shoes. Gave her money. Put her cell phone in the handbag, in case I lost her.
Supermarket was huge and busy. Okaasan clutched onto the big shopping car and pushed it all the way round. I had some shopping to do, and she either advised me on what I should buy or picked up a few random bits. She asked shop staff if she couldn't find stuff....told me that the fermented soy beans I was buying were no good...insisted on buying two slices of pizza in the baker "for snacks".
We also went round the home center - a long walk via the pet center, the curtain department, the electrical department, the Xmas decorations.
Rather bizarrely, Okaasan stopped a man who was deep in thought near light bulbs and asked him "What's the date today?". And she commented several times that we didn't need flowers because guests don't come to the house.

After all of that I took her upstairs to a ramen restaurant. Ordered for her and we sat across from eachother looking at the parking area and mountains view, and then slurped our noodles.

Brought her home, via the gasoline stand.
She spent the rest of the afternoon asleep under the heated table carpet.

I watched a  movie on TV and went out to dinner with a friend. Left food in a heated pot on the table for Okaasan. She only a little.

All well.


Got a snow storm.

And a Japanese test.......

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