Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Coming soon....the Homecoming trip?

Road trip with Okaasan.
Yup. I'm clearly a masochist: I have just suggested to DS that this November we should take Okaasan with us when we go to the Tokyo area!
Take her to her birth town Kawagoe to see her brother etc. Walk the old streets of her childhood memories.

Last chance while she is able to walk, talk and understand?
Chance because we are both going this year (he to his usual 1 week of old drinking haunts and me for a short trip so we can both go to the Elton John concert in Yokohama...).

This would mean me preparing Okaasan to leave this house, take her to the airport, fly with her to Tokyo and take her to Kawagoe.
Then hand over to DS and the family.

All sorts of things to consider.
But DS can see the reasons why this might be the year to do this trip for Okaasan. 
He goes every year for a week of meetings friends. But this year I am going too.
And Okaasan is still physically and mentally able to do this trip.

A big problem would be how to keep her away from her old house - where useless brother lives now. Once she got in THERE we might never get her out.....or she might want to bring everything in it back to Sapporo...
And another problem area is what to do with Okaasan the night we are at the concert. Could we leave her alone for a few hours in a strange hotel? Would she wander? Get lost?

I feel we should leave her with family that night.
DS thinks it is all too much travelling.

Anyway. The idea is out there now.....watch this space.


  1. What a great idea - it would mean so much to her. How brave of you! it sounds like you are thinking it all through thoroughly. I'll watch to see what you ultimately decide.

    1. She would love it. She met her brother about 3 years ago...but afterwards complained that he and his wife hardly talked to her. Maybe because...it was their son's wedding and they were busy? I guess so! Anyway, this would be the town itself and all her memories of that. SHOULD be a good trip...for her. If we do it.

  2. You are a great person. Selfless and easygoing about it.

    I had no idea you were 54. I really thought 30s, maybe late 30s.

    Nice one.

    1. I think I am actually about 24!!!! But, thankyou.

  3. This may interest you: http://www.lightbridgehealthcare.com/caregiver_resources/tips/travel_tips_dementia.aspx
    Also this power point presentation has interesting tips alzonline.phhp.ufl.edu/pp_slides/10_24_02Traveling.ppt