Thursday, 10 September 2015

Slowly downhill..

That's Okaasan's mental condition according to the mental health clinic.

4 years ago she scored a 14 on the Hasegawa Dementia Test scale (out of a maximum of 30?),  2 years ago she was a 12...and this week she scored an 8.
I think a score of 3-7 is considered Severe Dementia?
Okaasan isn't severe at all, but when she becomes stressed thru fear/anger/sickness we suddenly see the wildly emotional, difficult side of her. So we know it's there.

I guess this means we could be entering a  new stage in the next year or two....

But for now all pretty ok.

"Gradual decline, maybe a little slower than many people - it's good she is still taking a bath on her own, toileting and feeding. And very good she is going for regular walks alone" basically the doctor's report.
This will now be passed on to the city welfare office and when we apply for day care visits and support this winter the test points and Okaasan's care level determines how much care we can request and how much we pay.

Okaasan followed Dear Son happily enough to the clinic, a relief after the fights in the past about any kind of medical check up. She tried to clean her teeth three times before going and wasn't 100% why they were there, or even if they'd already met the doctor 5 minutes after the consultation - but she went along with it all.

After the clinic DS took her out for a walk to a ramen restaurant for a big lunch.

Four hours later she'd forgotten any of that and claimed: "I haven't been out at all today, I'm going for a walk..."

And in other news.
I had coffee with a friend whose mother is far further along in a kind of Alzheimer's. The family have moved that lady to a care home in Tokyo to be near other relatives.
On the flight down to Tokyo my friend's mother kept forgetting that they were IN an airplane. Everytime the plane shook or dipped a little she looked surprised..."why is the table moving???".

Thinking ahead to my trip with Okaasan in November. I think she won't be like that. She'll enjoy an airplane trip I think. Maybe think we are going to New York?? 
Fun fun fun.

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