Monday, 30 November 2015

Back to reassuring routines

First week back after all that excitement.
Okaasan seems fine. 
I did worry that the whole experience would push her into a new level of confusion, and certainly while we were on the trip we saw lots of confusion - now we are back home all appears to have reverted back.

After we returned there were 3 more days of autumn, time for me to hastily prepare the garden and put up Christmas lights over the front door - and then BOOM! A record breaking 42 cm of snow fell in 24 hours and turned everything into winter.
So Okaasan can't go out walking. The day service people are coming for a chat tomorrow about what kind of help we require this winter. At least once a week take her to the supermarket, dinner and chat would help me get thru the winter again. If they offer more....even though we'd have to pay for more....would be nice.

Okaasan mixes up objects at home a lot now. Cups and bowls and mugs. What to use for what food/drink. I saw her poking an apple with some scissors the other day.....

But so the warm feelings after the trip to hometown continue I have printed up a big picture of the family group. Put it in a frame and given it to her. Plus a small album booklet of pictures.

"Did we all go here?" she asked me. Probably not sure WHEN we did, but the photograph is proof that sometime we did go and meet those people.

And so: winter Okaasaan and Me. Always fun. While Dear Son is away being a ski instructor for weeks on end, Okaasan and me and home a deux for endless dinners and wartime memory chats.
ho ho ho.

Watch this space.

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  1. So glad that you made it back before your huge snow storm. What a wonderful trip you gave her! Sincerely, Nancy in Tokyo