Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Stealth packing...

I'm waiting - Ninja like - to pack Okaasan's suitcase for our trip starting at 7.30 am.

She's failed to pack. :-(

This morning we talked about weather and clothes again.

I came home from work at 3.30 pm.
No sign of packing.

I got a bath running and got Okaasan to have a bath, so she is fairly presentable for the family...and other airplane passengers.

While she was in the bath I brought the suitcase out and put it on the carpet near her sitting area.

After bath and hair dry and relaxing TV...I started trying...nudging...reminding....

5 pm...6 pm...she is looking at The Letter and looking at the TV. Doing nothing.
I offer to help, and start picking up some of her clothes to put near the suitcase. It gets her up and active...but then she gets fixated on a stain on the trousers she must have worn yesterday. Angrily refuses my suggestion of a little dabbed water and fusses on.

At 7 pm we have dinner and I talk up the excitements of Yokohama and Kawagoe again. What fun we are going to have tomorrow! You can show me your hometown because you know it so well!

Now it is 8.30 pm.
She has turned off the main light in her room and is stretched out on the carpet, under the heated table...with her face to the Tv. As usual.

3 pairs of pants are nestling forlornly in the suitcase.

I realise now I should have done the packing while she was in the bath. And put the suitcase in the hallway out of sight. Should have done it for her this afternoon.

So. I am waiting till I can hear her heavy, sleepy breathing (which is when we usually turn down/off the TV or lights) - and then I will sneak into her room and pack her stuff!!!!

This IS gonna be a good trip, gonna be...gonna be....


  1. I can't wait to read the next installment! Wishing you a wonderful adventure with no snafus.