Tuesday, 17 November 2015

"This here letter..."

Okaasan is getting with the program.

Yesterday morning she called me into her room and waved The Letter at me - asked me about it again, talked about clothes and weather. Seemed a little interested in going to her beloved hometown...

Yesterday afternoon I got back to find her sitting half dressed, with the letter in her hands:
"This. Are we going now? Today?"

"No, no...in 2 days time.  Today is the 16th, look at your desk calendar. Look it says "18th" on the letter here and here, and here on your calendar it is marked with a red circle on the 18th. You can relax. The day after tomorrow!".

Hmm......maybe good. 
She didn't start moving clothes around yet. 
I've done as much washing of stuff as necessary. I've put a small suitcase in her side room, and taken the cat hairs off it.

Wait and see.

Last night I tricked two lovely relaxed, happy felines into horrible carry boxes and transported them to Kitty Hell in the vets office for 5 whole nights. A house without a cat is not a home.

One more day to go till blast off....packing is coming.

I STILL have a suspicion Okaasan is going to pull a sickie and say she can't go. Like last year when I bought the concert ticket for her and that evening she claimed to be sick and unable to go. 
We'll all waste money if she doesn't go: flight ticket/hotels for 3 people, family dinner at a hotel. I am not 100% sure I will be on a bus to the airport with her 24 hours from now...

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