Wednesday, 2 December 2015


NOT back to normal, then.

Dear Son had a scare the other day when Okaasan seemed to be in the bath for a long, long time.

Finally, after many "I'm ok, thankyou" through the bathroom door he got worried, and opened the door and went in. Okaasan was floating face-up like Ophelia - with one hand barely gripping the side of the bath. Barely talking.
He hauled her out and onto a chair.
Then she fainted for a few seconds, he brought her round with water and chat - and 10 minutes later she was fine again.

But scary.

The day care people come today for a meeting, we'll get their advice about adapting the bath to make it safer.

Many elderly people have problems getting out of the bath of course. But the dementia aspect makes it more dangerous, as Okaasan has no sense of HOW long she is in the bath for and responds with "I'm fine!" to questions....when obviously not fine.

Okaasan's days of privacy in the bathroom are numbered. We need to be in the room with her much more and monitor her bathing.

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