Saturday, 5 December 2015

Making a memory :-)

"I went to Kawagoe! I was born there!" Okaasan excitedly told the Day Care Manager when he came last week.

She remembered our trip 3 weeks ago.

Anyone who is living with dementia knows how special that is. A recent, new experience held on in the mind and shared with someone. Very special.

We are so happy. Makes it all worthwhile. Well, almost...maybe not that last-minute desperate packing scene....or the toilet floor saga.

No, seriously - it was very good. The manager man was surprised, and DS too. It means that the experience was good for her and she has kept that as a good memory.

So, the care management meeting for this winter. I wasn't there: but they have agreed to do the same as last year. Every Wednesday to come to the house for 90 minutes, take Okaasan out by taxi to the local big store, walk with her, shop with her and come home and make sure she has dinner. And feed our cats for me.....also made a booking for are on a night when I am out at a work party.
Okaasan's care needing condition is the same level as before. Her dementia level is a little more advanced, but not so much. A holding pattern all round.

Winter has begun.
DS left yesterday for his first 10 days of work at a ski resort far away.

I have control of the TV remote.
I have the cats.
I have ALL the planning/shopping/cooking/serving/washing up/cleaning duties in this home.

I have Okaasan care - bath times/exercise/clothes/room cleaning/money/chat duties.

I have wine.
Let it all begin for another winter.

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  1. How wonderful to hear she remembered. You did a really good thing for her, and for DS.