Saturday, 19 December 2015

Trying to bring about change...

He was home for two nights between ski jobs.
Arrived late on the 1st day, left early on the 3 rd day.....

It didn't leave us much time to make plans for change.
WE looked thru the elderly assist equipment brochures that day care gave us. We decided a chair/step that you put in the bath would be best - to make Okaasan's sitting higher. Then she can still sit with hot water around her and stretch her legs out...but when it is time to get out she will be able to firmly grasp the side of the bath.

And that is really all we decided. I guess he has ordered it. I don't know.

Okaasan was taken off in a taxi to the supermarket by the helper on Wednesday. I didn't talk to her that night, so I didn't get any complaints. DS says he will try to phone her every Wednesday afternoon to pump her up for going out for a useful walk.

So he is gone again, until December 28th.
I have lots of plans for the last week to Christmas, work projects to finish and fun things lined up.
Okaasan is just in her room.
I offered to take her to the supermarket today in the car, but she declined. I couldn't be bothered to force the issue with her. She asked about walking outside - but now we 've HAD 30 cm of snowfall that is out of the question. I could have taken her hand in hand for a walk...but I didn't.

Just leave her be. Feed her twice a day, take out the rotting food, give her money for the when day service come for the shopping trip. That's it.

I am nervous about getting into the bath situation and fight with her again.
I think I'll just leave her. Until we get the assist equipment.

My end of year work situation is busy - Okaasan and her needs are low on my Must Do list.

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  1. Hope you can get through that next 10 days without any drama. .. or only good, fun drama. Thinking of you and Merry Christmas. Nancy in Tokyo