Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Drifting on....

The days drift by ....for Okaasan.
While he and I spin around in circles in our busy lives. She nestles by the TV and (usually) gets food when she expects it, has a bath sometimes, goes for a walk. 

January was horrendously busy for both of us.
He was out at the ski areas with day after day of work, driving between the ski areas and home for the odd night...change of clothes and gone again. This year is amazing. And Chinese New Year will coincide with the Sapporo Snow Festival, so it will continue into February. Lots of middle class Chinese now getting into winter sports in Japan.

I was barely hanging on to the home front.
The injured cat with his ear. Endless broken sleep and stress. For both cats and me. Most days I operated on about 3 hours sleep a night. I ate rubbish. Have got fat. Drunk quite a lot too. Didn't go to the gym all month. Didn't ski.

It is always a fine balance in winter with DS away. Me doing the Work/Home/Self balance act. This month the whole cat situation just pushed me right up to hanging on to management of it all by finger nails.

So Okaasan just drifted thru it all.

A few more complaints about going to the supermarket with the day helper in a taxi....fussing about the signs in the hall about "Don't Let the Cats Out" and fussing about the bath heater system. For years she has had baths and never mentioned the temperature setting device by the bath - now it is a major topic every time she has a bath - the noises it makes, the temperature - really endless fussing about it.
But at least no bath accidents. DS didn't order any bath assist equipment, and I just get into the bathroom with her and make comments about lunch is ready to get her out.

Last Saturday I took Okaasan downtown for a walk. We went by subway and walked the underground shopping mall. She clutched walls and displays, peering at the bustle of shoppers. I walked her to the favorite coffee shop and left her there with magazine, coffee and cake for 30 mins...then brought her home. She was exhausted.

February next week.
Must be better.
The cat has managed to go 4 days of outside life without fresh injury. DS is away until next week.

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