Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Votes of support!!!


In my last post I was wondering whether there is any value in writing The Boring Blog.

But your quick responses reassured me and gave me determination to continue...to the end. 

Having the overly-fertile imagination I do I always imagine that end:

Okaasan one day will be on the carpet under the heater blanket watching the weather channel and won't be alive when we call her for dinner.
There will be a rush of things to organise for the funeral and maybe the useless older sibling will actually come. Then there will be a massive throwing out of pink and red and flowery old clothes.

And room cleaning. The carpet she has lived and  slept on for years will have to be thrown out.

And then?

Dear Son and I will eat cheese fondue for dinner at home. The house will be too big for the two of us. We'd have to get a lodger to help pay the rent. Or move my English school to this building in a residential area. Or move?

And consider what to do with the rest of our lives....aged around 60 years old.
Move to a ski resort and ski bum until we die?

But that is all in the future. And it won't happen like that, I am sure.

Will keep writing. Promise!


  1. I'm glad that you decided to continue blogging. :)

  2. I am here and I am listening to you. ��

  3. Oh, I'm so glad that you will keep blogging! I enjoy your family stories. Your blog is never boring, it's just life! Having been through illness with both mother, father and husband (and all passing) I understand your feelings. Please know you are though about and people care.

  4. Yes, please keep blogging. Even though we've never met I enjoy hearing all about your life. I don't comment much these days, but I always read your blog! We do have mutual friends, btw.

  5. I am glad to read your blog. I care for my 86year old blind mother and work full time so I love to know that others share a similar pain!