Monday, 28 March 2016

Weekend of getting out

Me and Okaasan for the weekend again.

Helped her have a bath on Saturday - well actually helped her END the bath really. I kept checking but finally opened the bathroom door...she was half floating, red-faced and holding onto the side with both hands again.
I let some of the water out. Gave her cold water to drink. Put my hand behind her back to push her upright etc. Gave a bit of friendly chat. Showed her how to put both hands on the handle to pull herself up. Waited...and 5 minutes later she managed to get out herself.

I GOT to get on DS's case about making the bath more Okaasan-friendly. I think just a plastic shelf put across the width of the bath would help. Something to rest her feet against. The bath is too long and deep for her.

Had lunch and dinner together. Wartime food conversation....
I suggested she went out in the sunshine. But she slept all afternoon, so I went out instead and left her.

Sunday I went out : kayak debut on a windy, sunny lake!

And home via a bird watching cafe run by an Australian man and his wife. I met him at Christmas via friends, when he came to the party with a yummy pavlova.....but this time I felt I actually needed slightly better I had the ham and cheese sandwich with a tiny pav for dessert. Oh wow.

Left lunch for Okaasan and made sure she had some money in her purse. Got home at 4 pm and found she'd just left home and gone downtown in the late afternoon chill....wearing her trousers, a sweater and a sleeveless housecoat...and a hat and gloves. The winter coat was on the hanger at home.
But she came home ok just after 6 pm. So all ok. Her walking time is coming...She's lost muscle power this winter and is still getting pretty tired. But at least she is up and out.

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  1. Glad you got out and had fun. Everybody needs a break! Glad Okaasan made it home safely. Keep calm and carry on. You do an outstanding job of care giving!