Sunday, 22 May 2016

Family day out

There we are - happy family. Mum and son.
Down the Lilac Festival, with beer, oysters, tempura, snacks and sunshine.
Perfect day out.

We took Okaasan downtown by subway - having the whole "buy a ticket/how to use this electronic pass?" conversation and noticing how weak she is climbing the subway steps. each footstep ALMOST catching its toe on every single step.
Then  walking thru the park in the crowds and sunshine, hand in hand. 
Settling her in a nice shady place while we got food, then sitting watching the world go by.

I think Okaasan enjoyed it. She ate lots and commented on things around her.

We included carefully timed stops at toilets along the way. Sit down points. And came home by streetcar and taxi. All done by 2 pm.

The noisy apartment breaking work was I closed Okaasan's windows and put a fan in her room. Not enough.

By 3.15 pm she was saying:"Can I go out? Did I go out this morning?"

We managed to dissuade her with cups of tea and encouraging chat. She IS amazingly strong for 85, but two outings in hot sunshine is probably enough.

Anyway. Happy day out.

* Have to see if the clothes repair shop can shorten Okaasan's trousers. She now wears the waistband under her armpits and the bottom of the legs are dangerously on the ground. She must have shrunk....

* Cat and Mouse hell - that season has started again. Popo bringing home live presents. I had one mouse climbing onto the printer while I was sitting her on the computer, I found a 2nd dead in the shoe box when I took out my work shoes and this morning we had a 3rd alive in the bedroom at 2 am. I decamped to the sofa to sleep (with the cat who thought he'd done enough) - and I left Dear Son/Boyfriend sleeping in the bedroom with the window-escape route hopefully open. 
Didn't work - at 7 am we had to take all the rubbish out of the bedroom (it will make us clean it) and DS caught the mouse in the laundry basket.

Life. Full of joy.

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