Saturday, 5 November 2016

Winter arrives.

Wednesday was this....

Saturday is this....

BANG into winter in Hokkaido, north Japan. It is a little early, but there is rain in the forecast for next week. But, still impressive. Will put a dampener - snower?? - on my Pokemon Go addiction....

And for Okaasan the winter lock in will start. We'll have the meeting with the day care people soon and arrange for her weekly visits and trips out to the local store. Dear Son is finishing bike taxi work and off on holiday next week to Tokyo - then ski season will start. He will be away working a lot till March.

Sigh. And another winter of Okaasan and Me. Maybe the blog posts will increase!

Overall her condition has worsened this summer.

Loss of motivation/confidence to go out for walks alone.
Diminishing conversation.
Diminishing activity inside with towels, laundry, self-care.

We try to make the Japanese tea for her now after dinner each evening, because Okaasan is spooning in heaps of the expensive tea powder into a cup. Seems to have lots the knowledge of how much is enough.
Walking round the local store as a family the other day - once round each floor for walking exercise - we were stopped in pet supplies and Okaasan chose dog chews for the shopping basket....wonder what she thought they were???!! Snacks for in front of the TV?

Anyway. Sliding, snowily onwards...

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