Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Two old crocks

My left knee......ski accident...on my birthday....

SO glad this house has some handles for Okaasan to help me get around!

Also so glad that Dear Son's ski season is nearly done and he can be home to look after two old ladies.

My 56th year started so well. Carefree weekend away with my man in the sun...skiing at two different resorts. Nice hotel, buffet dinner and breakfast. Yay! A little worried about the left knee, which has been painful since the stand-and-do-nothing volunteer work 3 weeks ago.
But determined to have fun.
Day 1. Fun.
Hotel and buffet dinner etc Onsen - Fun.
Knee a little sore. But ready for Day 2.
Day 2 - sunny - views for miles.
Skied from 9 am till 11.30 am - snow getting wet and heavy with spring.

Fell at the bottom. Skis over head. Knee screaming.
I actually got up and skied to the coffee shop. Remained determined over a coffee that I'd ski again. But then - after hobbling to the toilet realized it wasn't going to happen.
We came back. 

Now cancelled work, doctor checks. Pain. MRI next week....

Maybe muscles? Not ligaments. Not bone. Instructions to do nothing - just sit. Very hard for me... crutches. Drag myself to the toilet downstairs on my bum. etc etc etc.
GYAAAAGHHHHHH!!! That same old knee from a few years ago.

OKaasan hasn't seen me on crutches yet. Cos I ate all meals upstairs. Good excuse to escape family mealtime (a bit drastic, though).
She'll probably tell me I was over-eating - which was true with the hotel buffet to graze....

So. There we are. Back to damaged knee......bugger.


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. A little better maybe? I stretched this morning in bed, an automatic movement before I remembered my knee. There was pain - but so scream level as last Monday....

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your knee. What a bummer! Take care and let your husband take care of both you and MIL. Rest and relax if you can.Hope it's nothing too serious.

    1. For all his many faults - which I never let him forget ;-) - Dear Son is actually a very capable and willing person at house holding together - he plans, shops, cooks and washes up. The cleaning is not automatic. But my standars are not s high.....I try to ignore the coffee rings on the counter and the cat hair wafting around the floor...

  3. So sorry to hear about your knee..co-incidentally there is an article in the magazine I occasionally buy (what drs don't tell you (UK publication)) this week about knee pain..would you like it? I could send it to you. Hope you can rest lots and that the knee gets less painful! xBecca

    1. Found the story online thanks!! reading it soon!!!