Saturday, 27 May 2017

All hanging on...and on...

SO sorry. It's been almost a week.

You are probably starving in front of your computer screen, drooling slightly with screen-stare waiting for the updates on this situation? Sorry!

The week kind of imploded. Just busy and exhausted. Nothing to do with Okaasan. Work and stuff. And tired. I can't do life on lack of sleep and our current schedule of DS working until late and coming home at 9.30 pm to watch Tv and drink beer...and that bookended with early summer sunrise and cats wanting breakfast at 4.15 am.....

I was zombiefying. I even  slept one night at the classroom. I was probably on the futons on the classroom floor by the time the student had reached her car....desperate for sleep.

Now ok.

So Okaasan.

She is still in hospital. She is wearing a corset and we hope that next week thy will get her standing and walking...and that Coming Home can be in sight.
Mentally she is ok. Calmed down a bit. Every single day we have  to tell her why she is there. The whole story of why she is in this place and why it is important to take care etc etc.
She kind of accepts it enough when we are there. We take in snacks she likes. Tell funny stories about the cats. Make sure her TV is working. Try....

She looks better. Hair washes and  showers from the nurses. Sleeping better I expect - at home she sleeps in front of the flickering TV, which can't be good for her brain. In hospital it must be an almost dark, quiet room. Maybe better quality sleep? I hope so.

And tonight Dear Son and I have dinner alone time. It's rained all day, so his job was cancelled and we are going to pig out on tacos shells stuffed with meat, cheese and all sorts of goodness.

Tomorrow I will continue and maybe finish the big cleaning on Okaasan's room.

And we hope she will come home...soon....really.....


  1. Yes, I really was starving for the next update. Thank you.

  2. I was indeed checking daily for updates :-) Thank you.


  3. Glad to hear things are improving.Hope Okaasan comes home soon.