Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Too difficult for hospital...

The hospital is complaining.
They've asked us to take Okaasan home for a night. In the hope that it will ease her aggression/stress/anger.

Dear Son got the phone call yesterday and went in to talk to the doctor and nurses.
They said that the physical therapy is progressing. But she still can't stand or walk alone. So they have taken her to the toilet by wheelchair and lifted her on and off the toilet twice. And she is diapers, of course.

But. She is noisy and difficult. Banging her hand on the wall by the bed. Aggressive with the nurses. Shouting.

Of course.

They suggested she comes home tomorrow for one night. To give her (and them) a break.

We are in a whirl of wondering. And heavy feeling.

Will one night at home make any difference?
Would Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon be better? 2 nights?
Will we be able to get her back to the hospital?
Is it actually NECESSARY that she goes back to the hospital?
Special taxi and driver with a wheelchair.
How to get a wheelchair into the house.
Should she sleep on the floor (as usual), or the sofa? Or we should get in a bed?
Toileting......protecting the flooring/carpet/sofa.....
Could she transfer to another, more dementia-experienced facility? 
Could she be at home, here - with a physical therapist coming every day?

Dear Son will be calling the day service manager today for advice....

His difficult bike taxi customer leaves today. Finally. He was looking forward to a few days of normality and rest. No chance.


This is a smallish hospital. Orthopedics. Mainly neck and back. Many elderly patients, of course. But they don't have special staff for dementia and psychological support. The nurses are busy.
As Okaasan's pain subsides and she begins to feel better - she is getting more questioning about her situation.... questioning which is frustration and aggression. She can't remember the calm reasoning anyone gives her and she doesn't do much to ease her own stress.

Anyone in hospital usually arranges their time to while away the hours. A bit of TV, a book, a letter, a visit, sleep, some food, physical therapy, checks...but someone with dementia doesn't. She frets and stews and stares at walls, listens to conversations....turns away magazines and the tricky TV earphones.....doesn't chat to other only in the moment of self-unhappiness.

And it's coming our way...tomorrow or Friday.....

Stay tuned.

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