Thursday, 1 June 2017

Coming home.....for...???

Okaasan will come home tomorrow.
And stay until Sunday afternoon. Then go back to hospital.


Big maybe....

Lots of negotiations between DS, hospital and day care manager. We have a cute, compact wheelchair and table, we have a special taxi booked, the carpet is back from dry cleaning....the clothes washed, every surface cleaned.
And it'll be a special welcome home dinner of fish.

Today at the hospital she walked all round the nurse station - twice! - with a amazing change in ability. If she can do that, she can get to the toilet at home and she'll be fine.

We don't really want her to go back to hospital...but that's the plan, so the doctor can see her again on Monday. If she stays at home day service can arrange some physio care....

It's all stations GO.

We hope.

Amazing how she has made a great progress in physical ability. I wonder if she suddenly understood that demonstrating ability was the key to getting out? Before that maybe she didn't bother to stand or try - just said "Yes, of course I can stand" to the physio. Then realized that demonstrating that was her key to freedom?

AND what will happen on Sunday when she understands she has to go back to hospital?

Deep breath....we are heading into the weekend...

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  1. I'm sending good karma to you this weekend. Hope all goes ok. Laura