Wednesday, 14 June 2017


LISTEN to those lyrics!
Okaasan is HAPPY!!!!!
Dear Son reports from the hospital that she is smiling and calm and HAPPY!
He went and sat with her for an hour, watched her eat her lunch.
Chatted about things....or listened to her chatting about things.

Amazingly. She was happy.

So, we are happy. And we aren't on meds.

Is this possible in just 24 hours? Was this just a lucky moment that when he went she was on a high? He said she seemed naturally happy, not manically so. She said the last time they'd met was maybe downtown...she knew who he was.

Really wonderful. 

He met her in a meeting room of the hospital and the nurse brought her in a wheel chair. She wasn't allowed to have one of her magazines (too much outside stimulation) and she isn't allowed TV (in fact we did notice at the weekend that Tv seemed to enrage her even more, "WHY are those children working at 7 am?? WHY?").

So. There we are. The meds are helping. Thankgoodness for modern medicines.

We had a nice calm after work evening. I weeded the garden. He watched football on TV. The cats lounged on warm concrete. We ate dinner together in the kitchen....I take Okaasan's chair at the table now (work out the symbolism of that...) and then after some TV we slept. It was nice  and normal.


***WOW!! You lot - blog readers.
Thankyou so much for all the messages and support. They kept popping up on my e mail feed all day on my smartphone. Gave me lots of warm fuzzy feelings. Thankyou - I know there ARE people reading this blog, but at times like this past week I really understand it.***

What happens from now on, we'll see.
But several barriers have been broken - specially with Dear Son and his thinking. He has accepted outside help from care manager and social worker, and doctors. He has accepted that medicine maybe has a role to play in his mum's care. All of that is quite a lot. He is his mum's son, her attitudes to hospitals, doctors and medicine have inevitably influenced him.

But now. Medicine and a hospital are maybe helping.



  1. Only seem to be three types of 'reaction' to your posts - and as 'Shit No!' and 'Really?' never seem that appropriate, am going to go for 'Gosh' in true English style! Gosh in this case means I am SO pleased that you've all had a little respite and this seems to be a window into a possible new future. Fingers crossed x

    1. Thankyou. are right...I should change those reaction buttons......if I can work out how to do this...will probably erase 9 years of blogging in an instant...