Thursday, 8 June 2017

Looking for a caring place

Another stage.....

The Day Care Manager/Hospital/Dear Son have agreed that Okaasan should be moved to a care facility of some kind for short stay and physical therapy to get her walking safely and independently again. So she can come home.

The hospital wants her out.
We can't cope at home with her- physically or mentally.

So. Another stage.

I feel sorry for her. I really do. I'm surprised at myself. Thought I'd be skipping around the house, feeling free and eating cheese fondue.

Instead I feel sad that her life has changed so much. A month ago she was living happily in her own room, with her things around her. Going out for a little walk late afternoon to familiar shops. Having meals at the kitchen table while family chatted on about things. Feeling settled.

Now. All different after that fall May 13th.....

I haven't seen her since she returned to hospital on Sunday, but DS has been at the hospital every day. Ironically, he said that yesterday she was very chirpy and told him many times all about the gym/community center she was once a member of - where you could sign up for many kinds of exercise! Maybe a memory triggered by being in the hospital's physio room? Anyway, a happy memory.

So. We wait to see if the Day Care Manager can find Okaasan a room in a care unit where the staff can do more to help a lady with dementia feel happy, while doing all the muscle building necessary to get her walking safely again.

I'm already wondering how to make her room in this place familiar and welcoming. What things she might need to see to feel it is a good place. The little desk calendar, the notebooks, the red blanket....

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