Friday, 18 January 2019

How far can we go????

Time was....
I worried about overstepping personal boundaries by going into the bathroom when Okaasan was in the bath....

Those far off days.

She peed on my hand this week....

A certain orange, so-called leader of a big country would maybe to role swap with me now? I could do a better at HIS job than him, for sure. And he - if those allegedly scandalous stories hold any water - might enjoy some toilet action.

At the care home...chatting, snacking and furtively trying to measure leg lengths for the new pajamas and trousers.

Toilet visit. Okaasan in high spirits, just like a small child:
"It's coming out! I'm peeing!!"
"Ok? You finished? Great! Well done! Can you stand up for me?"

and I was fishing around in her undies to remove the wet diaper...

"Oh! It's coming out! I'm peeing!!"

Oh yes, indeedy.

Aghhh...the things we do for love. I expect Dear Son was skiing down a sun-dappled  course with a sweet family from Taiwan..thinking what beer he was going to drink later...while I was in a toilet experience with his mother.

I asked the staff to come help me - to get Okaasan out of the pants, the trousers...change it all...mop the floor...and then stand up again....

Kind of a new low, really. Lack of toilet control - and lack of timing completely.

But funny. She laughed. I laughed....

The new trousers seemed ok. I'm getting the pajamas sewn shorter.



  1. Oh my god! You can't believe how happy I am to have found your blog! My Japanese mother in law is currently not feeling so good (she's 73) and i loved reading your experience with your okaasan <3

    1. Hey welcome!!! Are you living with MIL? What condition is she in at the moment?