Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Takes two to wheelchair.

Family trip out.
We managed a trip downtown in the wheelchair - with Dear Son and I working in unison to make it all go well.

It DOES need two people. Specially in winter, with the snow and ice.

Okaasan appeared to enjoy the trip out. We first drove a short distance to an area near an elevator that goes down into the underground shopping mall in the city center. Walked all along the "street" with shops, then stopped at a coffee shop, and walked all the way back again. Then, I ran to get the car again and we loaded OKaasan back inside it and drove her back to the care home. About 90 mins.

First time for her out in months.....beyond the care home walls.....she didn't talk so much, waited passively to be told where to put her feet and hands. Didn't drink so much of the coffee, but appeared to enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown.

Needed two of us. The car and the parking and the toilets.

This could be turning into a toilet blog.

Twice in the trip Okaasan needed a toilet visit. The first time we found big public toilets in the station concourse. Wheelchair friendly, but cold seat and cold water. But both Dear Son and I could go inside.

2nd time not so lucky.
A hotel shopping area had narrow toilets. No wheelchair access. 
Dear Son had to hang outside while I took Okaasan into the Ladies, managed to squeeze the chair into the largest cubical doorway (couldn't close the door), and help Okaasan stand, then get her clothing pulled up and down, get her safely turned round and sitting....and peeing...and using paper...and standing...and dressed and ....back into the chair.
She is not good now at standing even. Not strong. She holds on with both hands to something and kind of a tight space, with layers of winter's like that game where people get tangled up in funny position after taking an instruction card which says "Now put your left leg behind your partner's ear" or "Now, stand on one leg".

The toilet dance.

But. We did a day out. Okaasan enjoyed it. No big crisis.
Makes me SO aware of facilities for wheelchairs.....

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