Monday, 27 January 2020

On top of the world...wooo...hoooo

Such a feelin's coming over me....
wooo hoooo!!!!

Karaoke star.
In the care home twice-a-month karaoke club.

We've been going to the Sunday afternoon the staff canteen...with about 12 residents...listening and applauding performances of mostly enka - Japanese, ballads about missed hometowns, rain, bars, women who wait and snowy scenes...lost love, regret and unfulfilled lust.
All of THAT on a Sunday.

Okaasan really seems to enjoy. She claps along...we went to a concert event with two volunteers in kimono singing...and Okaasan loved that too...apart from the three trips we had to make to the toilet with her. The staff had given her an enema in the morning...and we got the results as she relaxed.

Anyway. Suddenly, the organizer of the club approached me yesterday.
Would I like to sing? singing is best done and listened to with a lot of alcohol. Which wasn't available at 3 pm on a Sunday.
I scanned the karaoke machine for something I knew. For something this generation of audience would know...
Madonna? Maybe no.
Queen and Adam Lambert?
Disney songs?

Chose the Carpenters...On Top of the World.....
Which is how I came to be chirping along a la Karen Carpenter in a solo performance in the care home canteen. Dear Son completely refusing to help me out, even though he as a far better voice than me.....Okaasan head bobbing and swaying along.

The oldies seemed to love it...clapped's a popular song in Japan...even people in their 80s have probably heard it somewhere.

I reached the end. Relief. Finished. Done.

Oh...........................da da....Such a Feelin's coming over me...

I'd pressed the Song Choice button twice on the machine.
Pressed by the organiser...I had to do it all a second time...


I am thinking of some Sinatra next time..."My Way"???

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