Sunday, 4 January 2009

Mamma Mia - Kitchen Queen!

It's Official: I am a Kitchen Queen Oyomesan.

Yesterday I made kimpira for the first time (it's burdock and carrot with sesame seeds, and a very common food). It was a big success! I also made ozoni (a soup of raddish, carrot and melted rice cake) - AGAIN - a big success!

He looked amazed. I looked smug. Okaasan looked happy and had more soup and finished up the kimpira.

I got out my two Japanese cooking books that long ago someone gave me as a present, but I've never used. And I cut vegetables very carefully. All that was missing was the cute, flowery apron.

Now I have to get on the Internet and find some recipes for yuri - I think it's the corn of a lotus. We've discovered that okaasan has bought 3 of them. All we know about using them is in savory custard, but I don't think I can cook that in our kitchen because we don't have the right little pots and a big enough pot to steam for 3 people at the same time.I don't think I can do the stressful thing of having okaasan in my kitchen cooking would take hours.

We had a quiet, winter holiday kind of a day. Okaasan came in for lunch and dinner, and we ate both meals with her. He supervised a bathtime. He and I watched two horror movies on DVD. At dinner Okaasan was very chatty and happy - telling us about how she'd been twice to Israel etc, and watched an aquaintance run the Honolulu Marathon. She has travelled so much - when we get deep into life with her we tend to forget that this woman has led a full and rich life with many experiences. It makes the memory confusions now so much sadder.

My mind is also playing games with me. Last night I dreamt of cooking Japanese food - I made soup and put soy beans in it, and they got bigger and bigger and almost burst out of the bowl!

Anyway. Today I am out to lunch with an old student. Tomorrow - he has to go back to hospital for his leg check. I have to go to work and the dentist. This winter holiday life of lots of relaxed time is coming to an end. How will we cope in regular routine life?

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