Wednesday, 15 June 2022

A visit! A visit!!

 A visit is in our sights!

Letter from the care home to announce they are lifting some of then COVID protection rules and will resume online visits - once a month for 10 mins/by reservation etc.

The letter also revealed that April to June the care home had nearly 100 infections - residents and staff. Hence the closing down of all non-necessary activity.

So, we've booked in for an afternoon at the end of the month - 10 mins of loud, cheerful chat and waving at the computer screen.

It's a start. A small start. Let's hope it progresses to face to face meetings, hand holding and even wheelchair pushing allowed beyond the care home doors?

Hokkaido summer is SO short, the chance of good enough weather to take an old lady out in her wheelchair is very small - this is the third summer Okaasan hasn't been outside for anything more than building/ambulance transfers. We hope...

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Here we are. Another glorious cherry blossom season in Japan.

And no Okaasan to enjoy us it with us.

Bugger Covid.

She is still locked away in a care home/hospital. Basically in a bed, with tubes going in and out. Kind nursing staff coming and talking to her in loud, happy voices.

We discovered this week that even an online meeting is out of the question at the moment. The staff said they aren't doing it at the moment because it takes up staff time, and they are trying to limit staff movement around the hospital.
So. We can't even see her on a computer screen and wave.

Covid new infections have remained pretty constant this spring in Japan, high but not health service and life threatening. The Golden Week holiday came and went, with the expected rise in new case numbers after it. But life plods on.
In fact the Prime Minister started talking about opening Japan to foreign tourists sometime. At first highly controlled tour groups, with approved agencies - and only from countries where the Japanese government thinks test results are valid...such as Singapore, Australia and America. And the numbers of new entries per day will increase to 20,000. Still FAR short of the average 70,000 a day in normal times.

But. All of that aside.

We still can't visit Okaasan and take her out to see cherry blossoms.


Thursday, 28 April 2022

All clear :-)


He's clear.

I'm clear.

Okaasan is clear.

The three of us have gone thru the Covid experience and come out safely. Thankyou science.

Following Sapporo city's current advice, I was out of self isolation after 5 days (with another negative test) and Dear Son was out after 7 days.

To be honest, our self-isolation was easy peasy. NOTHING like a hotel room, a government facility...or the horrendous experiences of Chinese people at the moment who are being barricaded in their homes by authorities.

We did our shopping online and had food gifts from friends/my students. We enjoyed our garden. We went for gentle walks at nighttime in the empty park near home. We watched TV (Suits Season 8 and Japan's version of Bake Off), read books, played with cats....

But still. It's nice to be out and back to normal life.

Now we can get back to hoping that sometime...somehow we will get to meet Okaasan. 

It won't happen soon, as new infection numbers aren't going down here and next week is Golden Week - a week of public holidays, events and travel in Japan. So hospitals are likely to stay closed for another month or more.

Maybe we'll get another online meeting with Okaasan. Let's hope for that.

Thursday, 21 April 2022

Covid is IN the house :-(


Welcome've, thankfully, been a long time coming.

Dear Son tested positive yesterday. I'm hoping to get tested today. Okaasan now has no fever, or any other symptoms. But she is still in isolation. 

So. On Tuesday this week Dear Son had a lot of pains and cramping around his chest/shoulder/left arm. He has a long history of some kind of heart condition - maybe angina? (Of COURSE he never had a Western medicine diagnosis of know this family and doctors...). Hasn't stopped him with a full, active life.

Anyway this time the pain was repeated over several hours. So we went to the hospital for tests and checks...we were there hours and hours...sitting...waiting...tests...

Doctor finally said it might be a build up of plaque in the arteries due to high snacks and cheese and pizza and KFC....and to our slight shock recommended an overnight stay in hospital and then catheter test in the morning.

So we did all the hospital admissions paperwork, Covid test, list of stuff needed from home....sat there feeling a bit surprised. Waited a lot more.

THEN the nurse rushed over, grabbed his wheelchair and whisked us quickly out of the hospital and into a cubical in the Covid testing center in the parking area! His test had come back positive!! 

Now the hospital didn't want to admit him. Sent us home with meds to lower cholesterol, and nitro spray? in case he had a bad attack again. SIGH!

So it begins....a student who works at a drug store is going to deliver me some test kits later today (the hospital didn't want to test me because I had no symptoms, but I'd rather know, and so would two of my work places), and I've rearranged my work schedule....told people who should be told. We'll order in supermarket delivery. 

A time of gardening, Netflix and reading ahead. Spring weather. An enforced holiday. Hopefully HE doesn't feel bad again. A few plans all up in the air...

Where did he get it from? Kind of moot point, it's all over the place. He hardly meets anyone, so maybe I actually caught it and gave it to him? We've actually had a fairly quiet, not meeting anyone couple of days. Most people I met recently was a local guest house English Chat thing last Friday night. Masks, Screens...but coffee and cake. We've been to two restaurants, but mid afternoon with hardly anyone else around.

Ironically - the MOST crowded place we've both been to recently was the local clinic for our vaccination shots a week ago!!! And no - please don't start with the whole anti-vax thing all over my blog....I'm happy to support what health experts tell me to do, happy I got vaccinated. So don't even dare to start with that anti-vax nonsense here.

Anyway. There we are.