Monday, 16 July 2018

Family lunch :-)

Lunch out! Mission Accomplished!

A success - after lots of worry about Okaasan's ability physically and mentally to deal with a car trip/wheelchair transfers/toilet trip to an unfamiliar place/lunch in public...this is the first time in 18 months we have gone out together for a meal. Many short visits to convenience store cafe spaces for short sits and coffee - but finally a trip out as a family.

And on a horrible day of wind and rain. Couldn't be helped because we have to fix our schedule ahead of time and give the care home 2 days notice to cancel Okaasan's lunch. Hokkaido has had the worst summer of rain and wind...and yesterday was more of the same. Not good for car/wheelchair transfers.

But she enjoyed it. Quieter than she used to be. Had no idea now what a car seatbelt was for. But responded to our conversation. A bit messy eating her food and got a little mixed up with what sauces go with what foods - but SUCH a look of happiness when the food was placed in front of her :-)
A huge set lunch of sushi/steamed savory custard/tempura/rice/veg/soup...Dear Son had ordered himself a small lunch because he expected to eat her leftovers...there weren't any. Okaasan's appetite is as healthy as always.

And Dear Son stealthily got the necessary medicine hidden away in after meal coffee, which she happily drank - so there was no danger she would transform into an aggressive, howling banshee and eat a waitress.

The restaurant was full before 12 noon. We arrived at 11.20 am and it was already fulling up with other family groups - Take Your Aged to Lunch Day. Three other groups included a wheelchair user. A big family restaurant chain which has space for chairs and wide toilet spaces...also covered parking...

After we'd taken her back to the care home and sat back in the car again: we both exhaled and fist-bumped a la Obamas...a good day. To be repeated.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Another month, another (short) blog...

Still here..

Deep in a completly different waking/sleeping pattern as the FIFA World Cup reduces us in Asia to starting at 11 pm and 3 is HARD!!!

Japan did amazingly well and earned respect.
England is somehow amazing us all and got through to the semi finals.

Apologies if all of this means nothing to you :-)

Yes, she is fine. 
I haven't actually seen her for 2 weeks because I had a trip away to see a friend...and then there is football...and guests staying...and a tree in the garden infested with aphids holding a mass rally...

The care home said they had an extra place in another day of day service. Still in the same building, on the 5th floor, same staff, bigger group.
Singing, exercises, handicrafts, chat, and lunch....all very good.

Dear Son went on Friday to help Okaasan on her first day in the group. The staff were worried that she might panic because it is a bigger group, so they asked him to attend. But she was fine....friendly with people and no sign of aggression.

Really we are pleased she has settled into the routines of the care home. Talking to other residents and understanding that this place is her home.

While we focus on football, the lack of summer, and aphids.