Friday, 13 February 2009

Going to England

My dad and step-mum last summer.

I've got my airticket and I'm going to the UK on Monday.
I'll be away 2/16 to 2/28.
Luckily Yujiro's leg is getting better enough that he can bend it now and maybe he could drive late next week and reach the supermarket etc. Or friends can help with shopping.
Luckily too I found one teacher who can take over all my community center classes - it is so much easier to give all the text books and student info to one person.

So. Off to the UK. Strange feeling.
I didn't tell my step-mum or Dad yet, because the people that my step-mum is staying with have a big family funeral today and apart from my step-mum they have a house full of their OWN relatives!
I'll call them tomorrow.

There is no computer at my Dad's house, and anyway...what happens there is hardly "Okaasan and me"!! so I guess I won't blog much in the next 2 weeks.

Okaasan sems fine at the moment. I hope she and Yujiro cope. And I hope the cat allows Yujiro to inject him!

AND: Tokiko - who is a wonderful woman - has translated many of these Blog entries into Japanese, and they've been double checked by another wonderful woman called Yukie.
If I have time this weekend, I'll try to upload some of the Japanese....
this Blog is about to go bilingual.

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