Sunday, 15 February 2009

Japanese Okaasan and Me...and ethics.

I am trying to get ready to go to England...but...

I am trying to upload some of Tokiko's translated Blog onto this site.

It's hard to do. If you go to "View my complete profile" just under the picture of me, you will see there are TWO blogs, and one of them is Okaasan and Me (Japanese).

That's the best I can do at the moment.
The dates are strange. And I don't have time to upload all the postings. But slowly I will try and do it. Sometime!
I know many Japanese friends and students are reading this and I hope the Japanese will help you.

Blog Ethics

Someone commented that putting the blog into Japanese would be embarrassing for Yujiro...or Okaasan.

It made me think a lot about what I am doing here.

But, I don't think JUST putting it into Japanese should make any difference. Of course it makes it accessible to more people. But there is no difference between what I feel is ok to say in English and what is ok in Japanese.

I do not write anything here I would not say (and DO say!) to friends I meet. I feel a blog is just an electronic form of that.To maybe a wider group of people. But still it is acceptable to say what I say.

Of course, this blog is not just about me...but about Yujiro and Okaasan. They don't know I am writing it. But I truely believe I am not embarrassing them by writing it.

Many old people have problems controlling when they go to the toilet (actually I do myself too and I'm under 50!), many couples have problems with their love life when under stress and many families have disagreements over money.

These kind of topics are not really that shocking are they?

I write this blog with love for the people in it. Okaasan drives me up the wall many many times...Yujiro can be frustrating...but they are very good people and I don't believe I am embarrassing them by writing here.

I leave my Japanese family to go off to England tomorrow. They seem well. Last night we had pizza and salad (Okaasan loves pizza!) and watched silly videos on a TV program. Yujiro will care for Okaasan and the cat while I am gone. Ken will take care of my community center students. I am needed across in England.

There is no computer in my Dad's house and an Internet cafe is 10 km away. But I'll try to blog maybe. Thankyou EVERYONE for all your messages of support!

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  1. Hi Amanda, I have really enjoyed reading your blogs which you are sharing with your students. I think it is wonderful and I just want you to have a safe trip and enjoy seeing your family without any worries about your classes. I'm really looking forward to meeting your students tomorrow and the days that follow. I hope that I can help them to enjoy English as much as we do, and hopefully they won't miss you too much.

    Take care and see you when you get back.

    Hokkaido Ken